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Grow spiritually

Gain a deeper walk with God through deeper insights in His word.

Understand Your Bible Better

Culture changes everything. See the Bible with new eyes as you learn the culture in which Jesus lived.

Help with doubt

Understanding the historical context of scripture fixes apparent contradictions and sheds new light on difficult to understand texts.

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Learning the Bible on your own can be difficult

Let's face it- while some of scripture is easy to understand, a lot the Bible isn't. One reason we have difficultly understanding scripture is because it was written in a completely different cultural and historical age. We teach you the original Hebraic context of scripture so you can gain the full meaning of the text. We offer weekly online sabbath school lessons, weekend seminars, and unique evangelistic series for secular professionals.

One of the most important starting points for biblical exegesis is grammar.

It's fascinating how a single word can change the entire meaning of a sentence. Although our English Bible translations are reliable and trustworthy, they are not perfect. Translating involves interpretation. Understanding Hebrew grammar gives us insight into the interpretative choices which translators face so that we can think critically about the options. The Bible has such a great influence over our lives- we want to understand it well! Understanding the Hebrew roots of scripture helps us understand the depths of God’s self-revelation in ways that is simply inaccessible in translation.

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Hi, I'm Pastor Sasha Bolotnikov. I was raised in communist Ukraine in a Jewish family and found the Adventist Church when I was 22 years old. As a Jew, I found it important to use the Old Testament writings as the foundation for the New Testament and received my doctorate degree in rabbinic literature at Hebrew Union College. Rabbinic literature written around the time of Christ sheds light into understanding Jesus's teachings. 


I find that many Christians feel like they’re missing something meaningful as they read their Bibles. They want a deeper understanding of the Bible's history and culture so they can experience all God has for them.

This is why we started the Hebrew Bible Institute. Our online sabbath school and seminars for churches are an accessible way to re-discover your Bible in its original Jewish context, so we can experience the most God has in store for us. We look forward to helping you experience a deeper journey through His Word.

-Sasha Bolotnikov

Hi, I'm Sasha Bolotnikov

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We equip you with the tools you need to interpret scripture. 


Weekend Seminars

Host a weekend Seminar at Your Church!

Dive into the Jewish culture, history and language of the Bible in a weekend! Bring new depth and richness to your congregation’s reading of the scriptures with a short-term seminar hosted by Dr. Sasha Bolotnikov.


Online Sabbath School

Learn from Dr. Alexander and his friends Saturdays online at 9:00 AM.

Watch our online sabbath school while you're eating your breakfast or hanging out with your family in your living room. Our sabbath school goes deep into the culture in which the Bible writers lived so we can better understand their teachings as we discuss our quarterly lesson. Come hang with us!

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Evangelistic Series

This is not Bible 101

Each presentation is rooted in the Old Testament and is based on Jewish history, making it easier for Jewish people who don’t have much experience with Christianity to understand New Testament concepts. Attendees will dive deep into the Hebrew roots of the Bible and Christian doctrines. Christians attending the lectures will dig below the surface to explore more fully how the Bible supports their faith.


Jesus taught all His lessons in Hebrew

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