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About Us

We teach people the culture of the Bible.


The Bible was written by a specific people group in a particular culture, with a distinct language, in a different era. When we understand this culture in its historical context, the Bible comes alive in a way we have never experienced before. The Hebrew Bible Institute provides resources to understand the Hebraic roots of the Bible through educational programs for Christians. Understanding the cultural setting of the Bible provides clarity which enriches our understanding of God’s truth and equips us to share the gospel more effectively with others. 

The Hebrew Bible Institute is affiliated with the North American Division of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Our founders, Alexander Bolotnikov and Rachel Hyman, were raised in Jewish families and became Seventh-day Adventists when they were young adults. They continue to celebrate their Jewish roots and are excited about helping Christians learn more about how the Jewish context of Scripture enriches our spiritual lives.


Sasha Bolotnikov



Our Director, Alexander, (Also known to most people as "Sasha"), was raised in a Jewish family in Ukraine and became a Seventh-day Adventist as a young adult. Pastor Sasha studied theology at Andrews and received his Doctoral degree in Rabbinic literature from Hebrew Union College. Sasha teaches several courses on how to understand the Bible better by understanding its historical background. Pastor Sasha has planted many churches around the United States and brought in thousands of people into the Adventist faith. He has authored several historical documentaries for the Hope Channel and produced a theological program on 3ABN called Back to Our Roots which focused on sharing about the Jewish culture with Christian audiences. 

Our co-founder and Associate Director, Rachel Hyman, was raised in a Jewish family and was introduced to the Adventist faith through a classmate at her high school. Rachel has a passion for helping church members understand the Jewish culture better. She has hosted cultural outreach programs for 15 years in Adventist churches and served in community outreach roles across North America and in Europe. Rachel was co-host of the popular 3ABN program Back to Our Roots with Dr. Alexander. She has her certification as a revitalization church consultant from Church Consultant University and loves helping churches learn how to become secular friendly. She is also the Marketing Director for The Edge Christian Worship Center where she works together with Pastor Sasha.


Rachel Hyman

Associate Director

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