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Hebrew Bible Institute


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These are the various presentations we offer.

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Seminar Topics We Offer

What Really Happened in the

Upper Room

Experience an interactive investigation of what really happened in the Upper Room at the Last Supper. How does understanding the Passover aid us in understanding the sacred meaning of the Lord's supper? Learn the Jewish origins of the Lord's supper and what this means for us today. 

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Go Deeper with the Parables

Jesus's parables are the most essential part of Jesus's teachings. We can understand Jesus's parables more fully by becoming aware of their Jewish origin and style. Knowing the rabbinic literary style of Jesus's time, the Jewish idioms of His day and the Hebraic thinking of first-century Jews can give us deeper insight into Jesus's teachings! 

What Discipleship Really Means

Christian discipleship is often associated with experiential spiritual exercises and superfluous experiences. However, the approach of discipleship in the time of Jesus was mostly focused on the deep study of Scripture. There were two systems of education in first-century Judea- a Greek system and a Jewish system. Learn how Jesus used the traditional rabbinic system of education to raise up His disciples and how this biblical structure can help us become more efficient disciples of Jesus today.

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The Sermon on the Mount: Jesus's Masterclass on Biblical Ethics

Traditionally, many Christians have believed that Jesus's "sermon on the mount" nullifies the law. However, the Jewish origins of Jesus's famous sermon actually prove the opposite- the Sermon on the Mount is Jesus's masterclass on how to study the Torah. Walk away with a better understanding of biblical ethics and how to more effectively build your own Christian ethical life. 

Understand the Day of Atonement for the First Time

Why would we need to be investigated after Jesus shed His blood on calvary? Obtain a better grasp on one of the most challenging Adventist doctrines by understanding the Old Testament roots of the day of atonement. Walk away with zero fear and a new appreciation for the life-saving biblical teaching on the investigative judgement. 


​How a Jewish Perspective Can Save You From Legalism

Experience an interactive investigation of what really happened in the Upper Room at the Last Supper. How does understanding the Passover aid us in understanding the sacred meaning of the Lord's supper? Learn the Jewish origins of the Lord's supper and what this means for us today. 

The State of Israel in Biblical Prophecies

In Christianity, there are two opposing views on the significance of the State of Israel. One view is that the State of Israel is a definite indicator of last day events and its establishment is a sign of Jesus's soon return. The other view presents the Zionist movement and the state of Israel as agents of the devil who are trying to use certain Christian beliefs to distract from the true biblical views on last day events. Learn what's actually behind the history of the Zionist movement and which Bible prophecies refer to the state of Israel and which ones do not. Learn how to view the state of Israel in the light of the Bible.


How to Read Paul in the Light of OT Passages

The Apostle Peter said that Paul's letters are hard to understand. (2 Pet. 3:16) This seminar teaches us how to recognize where Paul refers to Old Testament books and how to read his quotations in their original context. You will be able to better understand Paul's teachings which are the core of Christianity's teachings. 

Romans 11: Will All Israel be Saved?

Paul says in Romans 11 that all of Israel will be saved. Are we to expect that at some point in time, all the Jews will accept Jesus and be saved? Or, are we to expect that regardless of what someone does, if they belong to the nation of Israel, they'll be saved? Or, does Paul use the term Israel to mean something else, such as the church? The seminar explores the meaning of the term Israel in Rom. 11 in the light of the Old Testament quotes which Paul uses his letter to the Romans. 


The Jews of the First Church

Walk through Paul's missionary to see if the stereotype that the Jews rejected Jesus is really true. How did Christianity begin? What is its history? Where did it start? The journey through the book of Acts will show us step by step the places Paul visited and the people who accepted and rejected Jesus. You may be surprised to learn that Christianity could not have started without the existing Jewish community which was Paul's main support system. Be inspired by a greater understanding of Judaism's relationship with early Christianity.

Pentecost Means 50

Many people think that Pentecost is mainly an experience of receiving the Holy Spirit. But in reality, Pentecost means much more than that and is deeply rooted in the Old Testament- first found in the Torah, 50 days after the Exodus from Egypt. Understanding how God made His covenant with Israel on Mt. Saniai helps us understand how to have Pentecost in our lives today. Pentecost is not about being emotionally charged- it's about following God's commandments.


Christians and Jews: Repairing the Breach

Christians know that most Jews don't accept Jesus. But most of them don’t know why. What is the real reason Jews don't accept Jesus and are those reasons valid? You might be surprised! 

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